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PVC Foam Profile
pvc celuka board
Product Description

  Products Name:pvc foam board/Sheet

  Place of Origin:Xiamen China

  Type:Free Foam (1~10mm) & Celuka (3~40mm)

  Regular Size:

  1220x2440mm (4’x8’)



  Main Material:PVC powder

  Surface Treatment:Glossy


  Service: OEM

  MOQ: 1*20GP, 300sheets also available

  Payment:30% TT in advance, 70% balance before shipment. L/C.

  Delivery Time: 7~15 days.

  Six common senses of PVC foam board processing

  The processing characteristics of PVC foam board are roughly the same as that of wood processing. It is only necessary to avoid scorching caused by excessively high working temperature. In addition, the chips generated after processing can be collected, recycled, and remanufactured to reduce costs. There is one thing to pay attention to when cutting the hollow foam board. Because the hollow space is 23mm, it is easy to assemble. If you don’t pay attention to cutting, most of them are overlapped and cut at one time, resulting in different spacing; you can use the tool It is positioned by the way of bolts, which is convenient for processing. Now we understand a little bit of common sense about the surface processing of PVC foam board.

pvc celuka board(图1)

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