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Customized High quality plastic pvc pipe for water supply
Product Description

  Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (pvc-U) pipes for water supply (non-lead salt stabilizer)

  PVC means polyvinyl chloride, and PVC-U means rigid polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride is a kind of plastic, because most of the lead salt is added in the production, so it is harmful to the human body. Only a small part of the water supply pipes that are not produced with lead salts can be used as environmentally friendly water supply pipes for water supply.

  The material should be PVC-U mixed ingredients. The mixed ingredients should be mainly PVC resin, and the additives necessary for the production of pipes that meet the requirements of this section are added, and all the additives should be evenly dispersed. Lead salt stabilizers should not be used for drinking water pipes.


  The inside and outside of the pipe are smooth, without obvious scratches or depressions. The end face of the pipe is cut flat and perpendicular to the axis.


  1) It has high hardness, rigidity and allowable stress.

  2) Good anti-aging ability, durable, life expectancy up to 50 years.

  3) Corrosion resistance, low price, easy to bond, self-extinguishing.

  4) Recyclable, convenient and simple to install, and good airtightness.

  5) No impact resistance, poor durability, high joint bonding technology requirements, and long curing time.

Customized High quality plastic pvc pipe for water supply(图1)

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