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PVC Foam Profile
foamex pvc foam board
Product Description

  Building materials

  pvc foam board is suitable for the production of ceramic tiles, wood panels, plumbing hardware in the field of building materials. This faucet display frame also uses magnetic adhesive materials to ensure that the texture of the screen is consistent with the metal properties of the product.

  retail store

  There are a large number of retail stores and seasonal changes. The application of PVC panels can be innovated in accordance with industry needs. For example, this chocolate display rack cuts the PVC panels at a 45-degree angle, and uses magnetic adhesive on the screen, which can be replaced at any time.

  home renovation

  The application of PVC foam board in home decoration includes small items such as ornaments and photos, as well as large objects such as carved partitions and creative backgrounds. The effect is not inferior to other materials, and it is economical and durable.

  pharmacy pharmacy

  In addition to the normal display application of medicine and medicine equipment, product characteristics should also be considered. For example, the medicine display rack is made of embedded, which can fix the goods and is not easy to dump or fall.

foamex pvc foam board(图1)

Pvc Square Tube (图2)

Pvc Square Tube (图3)

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