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PVC Foam Profile
white pvc foam sheet
Product Description

  pvc foam board has good heat insulation, heat preservation, sound insulation, light load-bearing properties, and is superior to other light-weight solid plastic expanded perlite, ceramsite, asbestos products and other insulation materials. It has simple operation, high degree of mechanization, time-saving and saving Work characteristics. PVC foam board can be transported by mechanical vertical pipelines, which shortens the working hours and improves work efficiency by 6-10 times compared with other methods.

  The insulation layer is made of Shanghai PVC foam board for roof insulation and external wall insulation. It has unparalleled insulation performance and adhesion to the structural layer, as well as convenient construction, environmental protection, time saving, efficiency and many other advantages It can be used to replace other thermal insulation materials such as polystyrene (benzene board). In southern my country, PVC foam board is also used to make PVC foam board and bricks to achieve the purpose of roof insulation and external wall insulation.

white pvc foam sheet(图1)

Pvc Square Tube (图2)

Pvc Square Tube (图3)

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