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PVC Foam Profile
pvc rigid foam sheet
Product Description

  pvc foam board product testing method:

  (1) The side of the board: the cut is smooth, the pores are fine, no pinholes, no large holes, no serious powder fall, no bee holes, the cutting fiber is self-shedding, and the mouth is not popped. Note: Be careful when the above situation occurs, it is troublesome to do the finished process afterwards.

  (2) Board surface: the hand feel is smooth and flat, the mechanical texture is not obvious, the surface color has no color difference, milky white, the surface has no stains, no obvious small pits, no pinholes, no large holes, cracks. Note: The non-creamy white foamed board penetrates into the recycled waste board and is not an environmental protection board. The environmental protection board does not contain lead (the content is less than the European and American standards).

  (3) Density algorithm: density = weight (g) / length * width * thickness (cm).

  (4) Board weight algorithm: weight (gram) = length * width * thickness (cm) * density.

  (5) Thickness measurement: When the caliper is placed on the surface, the contact is tight and there is no gap, the left and right thickness are uniform, the left, middle and right measurement, whether the deviation is large, the thickness deviation is plus or minus 0.2MM is normal.

pvc rigid foam sheet(图1)

Pvc Square Tube (图2)

Pvc Square Tube (图3)

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