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pvc Corner Protector profiles
Product Description

  Plastic corner protection strip (net) refers to a new type of plastic material made by extrusion molding with pvc resin and other raw materials mixed with plasticizers, stabilizers and other additives (or with glass fiber mesh to make an integrated grid ) Corner protection material.

  Plastic corner protector

  The corner protection strip net is made of PVC plastic products, with regular holes in the length direction, which can have a good bond with the plastering glue layer. Plastic corner protection strips (nets) are applied to the inner and outer corners of the wall, door and window openings, etc. in the external wall insulation system, which can improve the verticality and horizontality of the inner and outer corners of the wall. The construction is simple and efficient, and it can improve the inner and outer corners of the wall. The impact resistance. It has a significant anti-cracking effect on the stress concentration of door and window openings and other parts that are prone to cracking. At the same time, it can ensure the thickness of the plastering layer. It is a new type of wall corner protection material.

pvc Corner Protector profiles

Pvc Square Tube (图2)

Pvc Square Tube (图3)

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