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PVC Extrusions
PVC extrusion profile for glass door and window frame
Product Description

  PVC profiles are widely used in the field of architectural windows due to their weather resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal insulation, and good air and water tightness. Since the mid-1990s, PVC profiles for windows have been greatly developed under the encouragement of my country's vigorous development of building materials policies. So far. The production capacity and consumption of PVC profiles for doors and windows in my country has leapt to the first place in the world. In recent years, with the development of the social economy and the continuous improvement of the individual and diversified needs of the building, the types of PVC profiles have also undergone new developments. At present, there are mainly three types of PVC profiles for windows in my country: white profiles, color profiles and plastic profiles.

PVC extrusion profile for glass door and window frame(图1)

  RAW MATERIAL:Silver Age PVC 730 Etc.

  COLOR:Transparent | White | Bi-colors | Colored etc , Actual color can do customized service.

  LENGTH EACH PRODUCT:We can offer precision cutting any length. (standard cutting tolerance ±1mm each meter, such as, 3 meters each piece, tolerance of cutting is ±3mm.)

  Section DIMENSION:Customized as customer's drawing

  Mold OPEN LEAD TIME:Standard 15 Nature Days

  LIGHTING TRANSMITTANCE RATE:In the case of the customer's entire lamp structure and fixed light source, the light transmittance is controlled by adjusting the

  shade of the lampshade

  BULK ORDER PRODUCTION DELIVERY DATE:MOQ 5000 meters , DD is 15 nature days .


  Density: Can be adjusted as requested

  After-sale Service:Online technical support

  Payment term: TT, LC

  Packing: carton or pallet

  Market: North America/Europe/Asia/South America/Middle East/ Africa

  Warranty: more than 5 years

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