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Plastic profile extrusion technology system
Time:2021-04-28 10:03:25View count:

Plastic profile extrusion technology system: Extrusion plastic profile technology includes three closely related key technology systems, namely formula (process) design and raw material compounding technology, extrusion equipment technology, and extrusion die technology. These three technical systems are organically combined to form the core of plastic profile extrusion technology. Let’s talk about the first one: formula (process) design and raw material compounding technology system formula (process) design is one of the technical factors that play a decisive role in the final product. The quality of the formulation design is related to the extrusion production. Stability and product qualification. The formulation (process) design of plastic profile extrusion products is a professional technology, which can be considered as the software in the extrusion technology system. It follows the general rules of PVC plastic formulation design, but it has its own uniqueness. Polyvinyl chloride is a heat-sensitive plastic. The excellent performance of plastic products depends on the addition of several additives such as processing aids, stabilizing aids, modification, filling aids, foaming aids (imitation wood profiles) and other series of additives. It is guaranteed by joining, but there are many kinds of additives and raw materials, good and bad, how to optimize, rationally match and finally achieve the low cost and high performance of formula composition is the goal pursued by formula design. At the same time, the adaptability of the formula and equipment performance and the determination of the corresponding processing technology (setting of temperature, speed, vacuum, pressure and other parameters in the extrusion process) directly affect the quality and production of plastic profile products. effectiveness. The process design of extrusion production is to ensure the scientific matching between the formula, extrusion equipment, and extrusion die to achieve the best extrusion. The specification requirements of each process parameter setting in the production process, in a specific production process Under the condition that all the technical elements (equipment, mold, formula and related supporting conditions, etc.) have been determined, process design often becomes the most important means to improve product quality and production efficiency.