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The meaning of various codes of pvc pipe
Time:2021-07-20 17:23:17View count:

pvc-U is equivalent to UPVC, which is a general term for rigid PVC pipes. PVC-P pipe is the representative symbol of soft PVC.

PVC-M improves toughness through modification, and develops a variety of modified polyvinyl chloride piping systems that have good impact and crack resistance while maintaining high strength, usually called PVC-M.

PVC-O is biaxially stretched during the processing of the pipe to orient the molecules to achieve a substantial increase in strength and toughness at the same time. Usually called PVC-O.

PVC-C is a chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipe.

PVC-UH has more H in its name than PVC-U, which means High performance pipe, representative manufacturer Quanen.

The functionality of HPVC is basically the same as that of PVC-UH.