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Six points of PVC foam board processing
Time:2021-07-13 14:51:14View count:

  The processing characteristics of pvc foam board are roughly the same as that of wood processing. It is only necessary to avoid scorching caused by excessively high working temperature. In addition, the chips generated after processing can be collected, recycled, and remanufactured to reduce costs. There is one thing to pay attention to when cutting the hollow foam board. Because the hollow space is 23mm, it is easy to assemble. If you don’t pay attention to cutting, most of them are overlapped and cut at one time, resulting in different spacing; you can use the tool It is positioned by the way of bolts, which is convenient for processing. Now we understand a little bit of common sense about the surface processing of PVC foam board.

  1. The engraving machine can be used to shape according to the design drawing, and the surface is to be pasted with Minai board or baking varnish; but the hollow foam board should be noted that if the surface is uneven, only the vacuum overmolding method can be used and the material is 2 mm pvc board.

  2. Bending molding is only suitable for solid foamed board, hollow foamed board is not applicable; the processing method is to use upper and lower molds, cover the surface of the wooden mold with aluminum plates and heat the solid foamed board to a plasticizing temperature of 70~90℃ In the meantime, the surface of the foamed board is extruded directly by the upper and lower molds without any change.

  3. Self-adhesive PVC can provide wood grains with different patterns on the surface according to requirements during extrusion manufacturing, which can save unnecessary processing procedures.

  4. The surface of PVC foam board can be painted, and the general category can be divided into general baking varnish, piano baking varnish, ceramic baking varnish according to the different processing methods; anti-UV ingredients will be added during piano baking varnish processing to avoid surface color changes; In terms of surface hardness, ceramic baking varnish has the advantage of anti-scratch.

  5. Then there is the common processing method. The surface is pasted with crystal plate (usually single-sided colored acrylic plate), Minai plate and Minai paper. In the part of the edge banding, the general processing is mostly automatic edge banding machine. The automatic edge banding machine is divided into two types: roller type and crawler type. However, if hollow foaming is used, it is recommended to use a color similar to that of the surface coating material to avoid obvious color difference when the paper is pasted. .

  6. Drilling can be beneficial to the crawler edge banding machine, which is less likely to cause unevenness on the surface after edge banding. The pressure adjustment is also very important; the color of the foam board is also directly processed by the NC machine. The material itself can reduce the density and increase the air content of the foam board according to the needs of the application, to achieve the effect of heat insulation and sound insulation and cost reduction. For example, the density of 15mm foam board reduces its own weight and the same volume of 10mm foam board. The weight is the same. At present, some manufacturers have used the foaming board to use vacuum forming for table top molding or large machine cover, but there is a disadvantage when applied to the table top molding, which is that the surface is not well resistant to mold and easy to wear.