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pvc foam shutters—the disadvantages of pvc foam shutters
Time:2021-07-13 14:49:16View count:

  pvc foamed blinds are opened up and down, unlike cloth curtains that can be opened left and right, it seems that the shielding function is insufficient. After all, each leaf of the blinds is not tightly connected. There are gaps in the middle and around, which may be at a certain angle. In case of insufficient shielding function, the blinds are opened up and down, and once opened, they are fully opened, unlike curtains that can be opened left and right. The style of pvc foamed blinds is single, the decorative function is weak, and the decorative visual effect of its appearance is not comparable to that of colorful fabric curtains. Venetian blinds are composed of a piece of louver, these leaves tend to accumulate dust after a long time of use, cleaning and wiping are more troublesome. PVC foamed shutters cannot provide warmth and sound insulation, and most of them are not environmentally friendly, and are easily deformed under the alternating heat and cold environment.