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pvc foam shutters—the advantages of pvc foam shutters
Time:2021-07-13 14:47:05View count:

  The pvc foam shutters can be completely stowed or put down through the control of the drawstring, and the size is one-to-one, making the windows simple and generous. Through the adjustment of light, the blinds can also bring changes and pleasing to the modern and simple space; the choice of multiple colors makes the blinds and the style of home decoration blend into one. The flexible roller blind not only stretches freely, but also can be selectively used with the change of the illumination angle, which not only blocks the strong light directly irradiated, but also retains the light transmitted from other positions. When not in use, it can be hidden in the dark groove at the top with a gentle pull. Obviously, the field of vision is much better, and the blinds will not fade or change color. The freedom of the pvc foamed shutters is very high, and the angle of the blades can be adjusted at will to control the injecting and blocking of light, and it exists in the most suitable state and position. The foamed pvc blinds block the outside view by displaying the blades in a concave and convex form. In this way, while lighting, it not only blocks the outside view from top to bottom, even if the convex surface of the blade is indoors at night, the shadow will not be reflected outside.