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What plastic is used for PC lampshades?
Time:2021-07-08 14:51:56View count:

  What kind of plastic is the PC lampshade made of? Before seeing the production process of the PC lampshade, we basically don’t know how the product is made, but even if we have seen the production process, it may not be Know what technology and materials are used to make it.

What plastic is used for PC lampshades?(图1)

  So what kind of plastic is the PC lampshade made of? Generally, PC material is purchased and some dispersion powder is enough. The transparency of the PC lampshade manufactured with PC can reach more than 89%. At the same time, the PC lampshade also has better advantages, such as not fragile, resistant to yellowing and high temperature. This is why everyone chooses PC lampshades now.

  PC lampshade can be manufactured with ABS, acrylic and other materials in addition to PC, mainly based on the requirements of customers.