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How to choose a safe and reliable "water supply pipe"?
Time:2021-06-28 16:21:53View count:

  The water supply pipe is responsible for transmitting our daily water, so the material of the water pipe directly affects the quality of water and our health. There are countless varieties of water supply pipes on the market. How to plan and select data for construction unit planners is a very serious mission, which is related to people's livelihood and project cost. This requires us to understand several types of pipelines on the market. Let's take a look at the main water supply pipe:

  Galvanized iron pipe

  The most widespread product in China is classified as a selected product abroad. There is only one reason. Galvanized iron pipes will rust, affect water quality, form water heavy metal overruns, and cause serious health problems. Although they are cheap, their health cannot be guaranteed.

  pvc pipe

  PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic pipe is a modern composition material pipe. However, in recent years, the scientific and technological circles have discovered that the chemical additive phthalate, which can make PVC softer, has a great impact on the kidneys, liver, and testis in the human body. It can cause cancer and kidney damage, damage the human body's functional reconstruction system, and affect development. In the process of other re-production, pipelines are required to have a beautiful appearance and stable delivery speed. Stabilizers are often required. Stabilizers contain a large amount of heavy metals. This is a major damage. Heavy metals can pollute the soil and pollute water. Generally speaking, Because its strength is far from suitable for the pressure requirements of water pipes, it is rarely used in water pipes. In most cases, PVC pipes are suitable for wire pipes and sewage pipes.

  PPR tube

  The PP-R water supply pipe is now the most popular product. The most popular in the world is the American polygon pipe, which is called Poly Pipe in my country. Its water supply pipe series include: PPR antibacterial pipe, PPR steady-state aluminum clad, and PPR copper pipe , PPR boutique pipes, etc. are all classified as first-line products in shopping malls. They are safe, stable, moderately priced, relatively cost-effective, and have a 50-year warranty.

  Copper tube

  The cost is moderately expensive and can be made by non-ordinary collectives. Only the local tyrants have the strength to enjoy it. Many foreign high-end sanitary wares often show the shadow of copper pipes. Although good, the price is high. The PPR copper pipes produced by Poly Pipeline now combine the advantages of copper pipes and PP-R pipes. The use of red copper with a purity of 99.99% or more is used for sterilization, antibacterial, and good cleaning functions. The thermal conductivity is lower than that of copper pipes, and it has excellent heat preservation function, which is suitable for high-end residential buildings.

  stainless steel pipe

  Very good product, unfortunately the material is too hard and the price is too high, which leads to inconvenient processing, easy damage, and high probability of spoilage. Therefore, stainless steel pipes are rarely seen in the process of using and processing.

  Aluminum-plastic composite pipe

  Aluminum-plastic composite pipe is one of the most popular pipes on the market now. Because of its light weight, ease of use and convenient construction, its flexibility is more suitable for use in home furnishings. The main defect is that when used as a hot water pipe, due to long-term thermal expansion and contraction, the pipe wall will be misaligned and cause leakage.

  Stainless steel composite pipe

  Stainless steel composite pipes are similar in structure to aluminum-plastic composite pipes, and to a certain extent, their functions are relatively close. Similarly, due to the strength of steel, the construction process is still a problem.

  HDPE water supply pipe

  HDPE water supply pipes are now the most important and mainstream pipelines on the market. High-quality PE water supply pipes are not only safe and clean, but also antibacterial, non-scaling, simple in construction, and will not be damaged after 50 years of continuous use. The failure rate is extremely low. The Xintong water supply pipeline adopts advanced equipment, the appearance of the produced pipeline is lubricated, the wall thickness is accurate, the out-of-roundness is low, and the pressure-bearing capacity is strong.