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The mystery of whitening PVC foam board
Time:2021-06-21 11:27:28View count:

  pvc foam board is a fireproof material for decoration. Because of its moisture-proof, weather-resistant, impact-resistant, thermal insulation, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and flame resistance, it is widely used in indoor light partition materials, audio-visual space sound insulation materials, Fireproof materials, packaging materials for refrigeration and air-conditioning projects, roof insulation materials and furniture interior materials, etc. The PVC foam board uses polyvinyl chloride as the main raw material, and is extruded with special equipment by adding foaming agent, flame retardant, and anti-aging agent. Among them, the special fluorescent brightener for foam board is also an indispensable chemical additive in PVC foaming.

  Since PVC is a plastic raw material that can be recycled many times, in order to reduce production costs and respond to the national resource and environmental protection call, many manufacturers will choose to use recycled and pelletized PVC materials to make new products. Although the cost has been reduced a lot, because the materials of polyvinyl chloride products are more complex, in addition to resin, there are a certain amount of auxiliary materials such as plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, and pigments. These additives are exposed to light and heat in the process of use, which will produce varying degrees of volatilization and loss, and PVC will also degrade to a certain extent. Therefore, when reusing recycled materials to produce foamed boards, an appropriate amount of stabilizers, lubricants and other related ingredients are required to ensure that the PVC foamed boards processed from recycled materials have good physical and mechanical properties.

  Because the color of the recycled material turns yellow, the appearance looks particularly unattractive. In order to make the recycled material foam board as bright as new material, Zheyuan Chemical recommends that the foam board manufacturer add a special fluorescent brightener for the foam board to increase White. Fluorescent brighteners are a class of compounds that can absorb ultraviolet light and emit blue or blue-violet visible light. Many industrial products, such as textiles, paper, plastics, etc., often have a visually undesirable yellow hue. Fluorescent brighteners use the principle that blue and yellow are complementary colors to whiten the product. Adding the whitening agent for PVC foaming can remove the yellow color and make the foamed PVC look white and bright. The adding method of the whitening agent for PVC foaming is also very simple. It only needs to be added when the PVC is mixed and mixed thoroughly.