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Precautions for the paint design of PVC foam board
Time:2021-06-19 09:35:05View count:

  pvc foam board has a smooth surface, high hardness, and is not easy to be scratched. It is often used in various industrial buildings and household productions. So what should be paid attention to when designing the paint surface of PVC foam board?

  1. You can use the engraving machine to shape according to the design drawing, and then choose the surface to be pasted with Meinai board or paint; but the hollow foam board needs to pay attention, if the surface is uneven, you can only use vacuum overmolding. , The material should be 2mm thick PVC board.

  2. Bending molding is only suitable for solid foamed boards, hollow foamed boards are not applicable; the processing method is to use upper and lower molds, cover the surface of the wooden mold with aluminum plates and heat the solid foamed boards to a plasticizing temperature of 70~90℃ In the meantime, the surface of the foamed board is extruded directly by the upper and lower molds without any change.

  3. Self-adhesive PVC can provide wood grains with different patterns on the surface according to requirements during extrusion manufacturing, which can save unnecessary processing procedures.

  4. The surface of PVC foam board can be painted, and the general category can be divided into general baking varnish, piano baking varnish, ceramic baking varnish according to different processing methods; anti-UV ingredients will be added during piano baking varnish processing to avoid surface color changes; In terms of surface hardness, ceramic baking varnish has the advantage of anti-scratch.