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Matters needing attention in processing PVC foam board
Time:2021-06-15 14:20:18View count:

Matters needing attention in processing PVC foam board(图1)

  pvc foam board is widely used in passenger car, train car roof, box core layer, interior decoration board, building exterior wall board, interior decoration board, office, residential, public building partition, etc. To use PVC foam board, it is necessary to process the PVC foam board. We need to cut, heat-bend and paint the PVC foam board. Then we should pay attention to the processing of the PVC foam board. In what respects:

  1. When entering the PVC foam board processing workshop, we must wear masks. When PVC foam board is cut with a wood saw or engraving machine, a large part of dust will be emitted. If it is absorbed by the human body for a long time, it will have a certain impact on the human lungs. Therefore, we must strictly require Wear a mask and enter the PVC foam board processing workshop.

  2. Do not smoke in the PVC foam board processing workshop: Smoking in the PVC foam board processing workshop will also inhale the dust remaining in the PVC foam board processing process, causing harm to the human body.

  3. It is forbidden to incinerate the scraps of PVC foam board; PVC foam board is airless, tasteless and non-toxic at room temperature, but after high temperature incineration, it will destroy the original structure of PVC and produce pungent gas. PVC foam board is a recyclable board, which can be used to recycle waste PVC foam board.

  4. It is forbidden to lift the PVC foam board without wearing work gloves: PVC foam board has a very hard surface layer, which is a crust board and a co-extruded board, and the four sides are sharper. When wearing gloves, it is easy to scratch the hands and cause harm to the human body.

  5. It is forbidden for one person to lift the PVC foam board from the middle of the PVC foam board: PVC foam board has the characteristics of rigidity, but it is also brittle. If the foam board is lifted from the middle, it is better to be thicker and easy to break. For panels, it is recommended that two people lift the PVC panels from the two to avoid breaking the PVC foam panels.

  In addition, high-temperature laminating and baking varnish on PVC foam board is not allowed because PVC foam board is easy to deform when exposed to high temperatures (over 60 degrees). If PVC foam board is high-temperature laminating and baking varnish, it will cause PVC growth. For the deformation of the foam board, it is recommended to bake the paint and perform cold laminating at 40 degrees.