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PVC foam board production process
Time:2021-06-15 14:06:07View count:

  We can find that more and more new building materials are appearing in the current construction market. We can use some more high-tech building materials to decorate and build. Among these building materials, pvc foam board is popular with everyone. Yes, mainly because this material is a relatively new type of material, which has many advantages both in the entire production process and the processing process. The popularity of PVC is also due to its characteristics.

PVC foam board production process(图1)

  The performance of PVC (rain-proof, fire-resistant, anti-static, easy to shape), the second is the low input and high output characteristics of PVC. So, why does PVC have two major advantages? Let's take a look at its production process.

  The production process of PVC is not complicated. The ordinary production line generally consists of a roller press, a printing press, a back coating machine and a cutting machine. The thickness is only produced by the direct stirring of the roller press, the rotation of the roller and the high temperature rolling. For the film from 0.3 mm to 0.7 mm, the pattern is printed on the front side of the film by a printing machine at the same time of production, and a layer of back coating is attached to the back side of the film by a back coater. Don't underestimate this back coating, it is an important guarantee for the performance of the PVC film. The back coating is composed of special materials and is a high-energy affinity agent. It is precisely because of this back coating that the PVC film can be tightly integrated with the medium-density board or other boards, and it will not be glued for ten or even fifteen years. The problem with ordinary face masks is that they cannot solve the problem of film shedding. Since the whole production process is carried out at high temperature (the temperature in the roller press reaches 220 degrees), this makes the PVC film have high light resistance and fire resistance, and ensures the high quality of the PVC film.

  The production process of PVC has also attracted attention in other industries besides construction. It is believed that PVC foam board will have a better development prospect.