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Correctly distinguish the crust quality of PVC crust foam board
Time:2021-06-01 15:29:27View count:

  pvc skinned foam board has excellent corrosion resistance, insulation, and certain mechanical strength; after secondary processing, it can be made into sulfuric acid (hydrochloric acid) tank (barrel box); empty needle holder for medicine, chemical process holder ; Water tanks in public toilets; various special-shaped products and containers such as templates, decorative panels, exhaust ducts, equipment linings, etc. of processed products. They are ideal materials for chemical, building materials, decoration and other industries. Today, let's talk about the quality discrimination method of PVC crust foam board.

Correctly distinguish the crust quality of PVC crust foam board(图1)

  The chemical composition of PVC crust foam board is polyvinyl chloride, and the crust adopts the Celuka process to form a dense and hard crust layer on both sides of the board, which can improve the hardness and nail holding force of the board. Furniture or house decoration, these physical properties are very important.

  The outer skin of the melt is compressed and cooled in the shaping device directly connected to the die, and the core mold in the cavity ensures that there is space inside the extrudate when it leaves the die, and these spaces are free in the shaping die through the melt The foam is filled. The cooling strength, the size of the core mold, and the extrusion speed can affect the density of the foamed core layer and the thickness of the outer skin. The complex shapes produced by this method have the characteristics of low density, high hardness and smooth surface.

  To identify the quality of the PVC crust foam board crust, it is actually very simple. Use your thumb nail to press hard on the pvc board, and then carefully check whether there are deep dents. If there is, it is obviously fake. In addition, there is a core layer in the middle of the real crust foam board, and the core layer in the middle of the real crust foam board is clearly visible.