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Will PVC foam board be deformed by sun exposure?
Time:2021-05-26 14:38:02View count:

  The hot summer is coming on schedule. The high temperature is unbearable. After the high temperature, there will be heavy rains. Everything can directly boil the rain after being exposed to the sun. Objects without certain sun protection and heat insulation properties will undoubtedly suffer in this hot summer. So, will the pvc foam board be deformed when exposed to the sun?

Will PVC foam board be deformed by sun exposure?(图1)

  The softening temperature of PVC foam board is about 75-80℃. If it is exposed to the outdoors, it is likely to reach this temperature, so it will be deformed.

  The cause of the deformation of the PVC foam board:

  1. Deformation due to high temperature in the production process.

  Solution: Targeted high-temperature modification of plastic raw materials can effectively improve such problems.

  2. Incorrect production leads to deformation. There are two reasons for such deformation. The physical properties of the raw materials of a sheet can not meet the actual requirements of the product.

  Solution: Re-deploy the raw material formula to meet the actual requirements of the product.

  3. Incorrect processing and storage methods, resulting in deformation, this kind of problem can be solved from the root cause.