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Basic knowledge of PVC foam board processing
Time:2021-05-19 14:30:52View count:

  The surface of the pvc foam board can be treated with baking paint. The general processing is mostly automatic edge banding machines, and automatic edge banding machines are divided into two types of rollers and crawler-type edge banding machines. However, if it is recommended to use hollow foam materials and The surface is pasted with similar colors to avoid the shrinkage of the paper after pasting, and there is obvious color difference.

Basic knowledge of PVC foam board processing(图1)

  PVC foam board

  Drilling is beneficial to the crawler edge banding machine. After the edge banding machine is sealed, it is not easy to cause uneven surface, and the pressure adjustment is also very important; the color of the foam board is also directly drilled by the CNC machine tool. The material itself can reduce the density according to the application requirements and increase the air content of the foam board itself, so as to achieve the effects of heat insulation and sound insulation and cost reduction. At present, some manufacturers have applied foam panels to desktop molding or large machine covers through vacuum forming.