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What to pay attention to when choosing PVC edge banding
Time:2019-03-14 14:39:29View count:

  A: Smooth surface, no bubbles, no pull lines, moderate gloss.

  B: The surface and the back surface are flat, the thickness is uniform, and the width is uniform.

  C: Reasonable hardness, higher elasticity, better quality and stronger abrasion resistance.

  D: After the edge is repaired, the side color of the PVC edge banding strip is closer to the surface color, the better, the whitening is not obvious, and the gloss is good. Otherwise, the material of the PVC edge banding strip is too poor, which will cause the overall color of the finished furniture to be inconsistent.

  E: The backside treatment agent is evenly coated. Generally, transparent and white treatment agents are better. If the backside treatment is improper, the bonding strength after edge sealing is low, or even the bonding is not possible.

  F: The color of each batch of PVC edge banding must be the same. The smaller the color difference of different batches, the better the quality.

  G: Trimming and cutting are not brittle and no chipping.

  H: Paste the transparent box sealing glue on the sealing edge, rub it back and forth several times with your fingers on the position where the sealing glue is attached, and then pull it up to check whether the edge sealing tape is discolored.