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How to judge the quality of the plastic profile mold?
Time:2019-03-14 14:37:50View count:

  1. Look at the thickness of the plastic profile mold, although the mold does not need to be used too vigorously or in other harsh environments. However, due to repeated demolding and demoulding, the mold is easy to wear, deform, and damage. The way to solve this problem is to increase the thickness of the mold. All said that by looking at the thickness, the grade of the mold can be clearly distinguished.

  2. Check whether the specifications of the extrusion mold are standard. A good mold can control the size of the extruded plastic product to an error of a few tenths of a meter, and the error of the product produced by a poor quality mold can reach a few millimeters or even It's a few centimeters.

  3. Check the material and workmanship of the entire plastic profile mold. A good mold should be very smooth on both sides, look shiny, and feel slightly moist and sinking. Inferior molds may have burrs or pits on the surface. , Comparing the two will make the difference.