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company culture

(1) Core culture

  Be simple and do things solidly

  Simple life: the team and individuals treat each other frankly, trust each other, and be objective and selfless in the work.

   Do things in a down-to-earth manner: follow the three major styles, practice the spirit of craftsmanship, understand everything, think thoroughly, and never float on the surface; respect the law, find the right method, and do every job down to earth.

  (2) Vision:

   became a famous company in the plastics industry.

  (3) Mission:

   Provide consumers with better quality plastic products and continuously improve people's quality of life.

   (4) Core values:

  Solidity, innovation, speed, openness, integrity.

   (5) Principles of employment:

   Virtue and talent, exceptional reuse: Virtue but not talent, cultivate and use: talent without virtue, restricted use: no virtue but no talent, resolutely use it.

  (6)Quality culture:

  1. Four principles of product quality: do not design unqualified products, do not manufacture unqualified products, do not accept unqualified products, and do not circulate unqualified products.

   2. Quality goal: zero defect.

  (7) Safety culture:

  1. Safety first, quality second, production third;

   2. Safe production is the greatest benefit;

   3. Safety accidents are controllable, preventable and can be eliminated.